Why Xceed Capital

Happy retired couple with consultant

We Pay Attention to Price

In our daily lives, we would never pay $12.00 for a gallon of milk… because we understand the value of a gallon of milk. In contrast, if we walked into a grocery store and the gallon of milk was $1.00 we might buy two. So, why doesn’t this same thought process translate when it comes to investing our hard-earned money? This is a critical misstep the average investor makes and most will never even know. At Xceed Capital, we pay particular attention to price. Where we enter and exit investment strategies is crucial.


Minimize Downside Risk

We minimize downside investment risk to increase your probability of actually achieving your financial goals.


Eliminate Unnecessary Fees

We eliminate unnecessary high and/or hidden investment costs, so you can keep more of your money.


Increase Your Probability of Success

Our proprietary investment system is designed to optimize your probability of success whether the markets are up, down or flat.

Big Picture Planning

We’re able to coordinate big picture financial planning, investment management, retirement income planning, asset protection and estate planning. We take a holistic approach to our clients’ financial wellness.


Customized Independent Strategies

Our Independence allows us the freedom to work with any program, provider and platform. This benefits our clients because we take a holistic approach.


Maximize Retirement Income

You’re retired, now what? We design customized retirement solutions for clients who want to safely and securely maximize retirement income.


Our Clients Come First

We’ve been a firm believer of putting our clients’ interests first. Xceed Capital underscored that belief by becoming a Registered Investment Advisor. As a Registered Investment Advisor we serve as a fiduciary, which is the highest legal standard of care when it comes to managing clients’ money.