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Do you have the money you need to live the life you choose to live?

The ultimate goal for most people in life is to have complete control over their time and choices. The obstacle for many is they either don’t have the money they need, or they don’t know how to properly invest and manage the money they have. We’ve built a firm from the ground up to help ensure our clients can live the life they choose to live.

The Xceed Advantage

We manage your money like major Wall Street firms manage their own.

The path to living the life you choose begins with an investment plan that is completely aligned with your life goals.  Our commitment is to build you a holistic plan that gives you complete clarity, confidence, and control over your future.


People typically reach out to us because they want to make sure they have plenty of money to live the life they want to live.  Whether you are looking to build your wealth, or you have wealth but you need it properly invested and managed, we have helped thousands of people just like you.


There are a few common investment mistakes to avoid that can be detrimental to your life goals:


  • Industry Bias: The most damaging mistake is the failure to realize how your mindset and investment decisions are largely influenced by financial advisors, insurance companies, and the media whose interest are not aligned with your life goals. Wall street works for wall street, not you. Most investments offered by wall street are driven by their compensation plans. Unfortunately, the financial industry’s primary loyalty is to their shareholders, not their clients.
  • Losses: No plan for risk in down markets result in underperforming investments. Every time you lose money in the markets, you create a drag on your account where your portfolio is constantly working to get back to even.
  • Fees: High and hidden investment fees reduce your rate of return more than most realize.
  • Taxes: Not having a strategy for handling taxes can result in large unexpected tax bills, further reducing your wealth.


At Xceed Capital, we manage your money like major Wall Street firms manage their own.  Since our background comes from the Wall Street side of the financial industry, we are able to provide independent investment solutions that the typical financial advisor may not offer.


We understand the impact that buying or selling at the right price can have on your overall portfolio performance. Because of our market timing expertise, Xceed clients have access to exclusive investment strategies that can weather the volatility of the markets and protect their money while still participating in stock market gains.

Xceed Life Plan

Complete control over your life choices starts here.

The path to living the life you choose starts with financial decisions that support your life goals and priorities. Before making any recommendations about your investments, we take the time to understand what’s important to you.  Having a personal Xceed Life Plan™ will give you confidence and control over your choices, rather than the financial markets making those life choices for you.

While it’s our desire to help anyone seeking advice with their investments, we have committed to only work with you if we are able to put you into a more favorable position than you were before. Our commitment is to get you closer to the life you choose to live – that’s the Xceed Client Advantage.

Live the life you choose

Xceed Solutions

Exclusive Investment Strategies

Xceed Custom Income Strategy

Xceed Custom Income Strategy creates and maximizes income to prepare you for retirement.


As you prepare for retirement, where will your income come from once you stop working? There is a growing fear for most people that they will outlive their money or subject their retirement savings to losses. We design a customized retirement income plan based on your life goals and resources. We leverage a combination of fixed income investments and exclusive insurance programs to create a personalized pension plan, with multiple streams of income.

Xceed Steady Growth Strategy

Xceed Steady Growth Strategy participates in stock market gains without stock market risk.


Most people want the ability to capture a strong rate of return as the stock market goes up.  The challenge many investors experience is their inability to accomplish this without exposing themselves to risk of large losses when the markets go down. Through the Steady Growth Strategy, Xceed clients have the opportunity to achieve above average returns and most importantly, peace of mind that comes from eliminating stock market risk.

Xceed Max Growth Strategy

Xceed Max Growth Strategy captures full stock market gains with above average risk protection.


The Xceed Max Growth Strategy is exclusively designed for qualified investors who are looking to enhance their wealth. There is a unique risk management component in this strategy that allows Xceed clients the accelerated growth they desire while cushioning a portion of the downside.  When working with any client who has significant wealth, our objective is to always align our investment strategies with your life goals to create a long-lasting family legacy.

Business Owners: Learn how we can help you put more money in your pocket.

• We design customized retirement, recruitment, and retention programs for business owners and key employees.
• We can help reduce your tax bill as a business owner.

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Are you financially prepared to live the life you choose to live? Now is the time to reevaluate your financial plan. Whether you are retired or nearing retirement, you deserve a plan that gives you peace of mind. Sign up to attend a complimentary event where we’ll discuss the most common concerns and questions of investors:

Does your investment strategy produce the money you need to live the life you choose to live? Do you have a plan for the 4 biggest risks to your life savings? Average investors hardly ever achieve their financial goals. Wall Street almost always exceeds their financial goals. Are you investing your money like Wall Street does? We will show you how.


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